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The Pepperoni Sombrero

The Pepperoni Sombrero

Your new favourite pizza hack? The Pepperoni Sombrero! Tear, fold and pop your way from flat to fantastic salami slices. Shaping each slice into a mini, meaty hat means keeping all that delicious, spicy oil in one spot and added texture for the flames in your Ooni to ripple across.

Step 1. Tear

The first thing you’ll need to do is tear your pepperoni slice from the edge right to the halfway point in the centre of the slice. You can either slice into it using a knife, or simply hold it and gently tear. There’s no need to be super accurate, just make sure that you don’t tear the slice all the way through and into two pieces.

Step 2. Fold

Next, where the tear was made, pull the two tips of the slice together and lay them on top of one another, so that the slice is slightly folded and forms a cone shape. The two ends will naturally stick together, as your hands will warm up the fat in the pepperoni a little bit and help them to adhere to each other.

Step 3. Pop

Finally, use your thumb to push the pointed tip of the cone back in on itself. When you flip the slice back over, it’ll now look like a little sombrero.

Once you place these on a pizza, they’ll sit flat and hold any melted oil that melts out of the pepperoni inside the curved ‘brim’ of the hat. Plus, creating a wave in the slice by folding it up means some parts of each pepperoni slice will crisp up in the oven faster than others – all of that makes for perfectly crunchy little mouthfuls of spicy-oil-laden pepperoni.

There’s one final step – fire up your Ooni pizza oven and get cooking a delicious sombrero-topped pizza.

The Pepperoni Sombrero

Your new favorite pizza hack? The Pepperoni Sombrero! Tear, fold and pop your way from flat to fantastic salami slices.

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