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Swedish Tunnbrod

Swedish Tunnbrod

Traditionally, Tunnbrod is a family recipe that’s not to be shared. Luckily, we have a recipe from inside that satisfies that Ikea-checkout craving. No longer must you fight the aisles of flat-pack furniture to reach your goal: bake this holy-grail of flatbreads quickly and easily with Ooni pizza ovens. Perfect for wraps, lunches and snacks, this classic Swedish flatbread is addictively versatile!

Rolling pin

10.7g (2 tsp) active dried yeast
75g (2.6oz) butter
200g (7oz) milk
200g (7oz) water
75g (2.6oz) caster sugar
400g (14.1oz) all purpose flour, plus extra for dusting
200g (7oz) rye flour
½ tsp salt
1 tsp caraway seeds
1 tsp fennel seeds
75g (2.6oz) Swedish light syrup (or golden syrup)

Melt the butter in a saucepan. Stir in the milk and water until the mix is lukewarm. Add the sugar and yeast and whisk together. Leave for 15 minutes until the yeast is activated and bubbly.

Grind the spices in a pestle and mortar, or use the end of a rolling pin. In a large bowl, mix the ground spices, flour, and salt together. Pour over the syrup and yeast mix and stir everything together with a wooden spoon. This part requires some arm strength: you’ll need to mix for 5-10 minutes until everything is fully incorporated.

Cover and leave to rise for 1-2 hours, until doubled in size. Once risen, turn the dough onto a lightly floured work surface and knead slowly, whilst adding a little more flour (roughly 2-3 tbsp). Continue for 5-10 minutes, until the dough stops sticking to your hands.

Fire up your Ooni pizza oven. Aim for 500°C (952°F) on the stone baking board inside. You can check the temperature of your oven quickly and easily using the Ooni Infrared Thermometer.

Divide the dough into roughly 14 portions. On your floured surface, flatten each ball with a rolling pin. Aim for 30cm diameter – the thinner the better! Brush as much flour from each flatbread as possible. If you don’t possess a fancy swedish pin to pierce your dough, use a fork to make lots of little holes across the flattened dough. This creates little pockets of air when baking and prevents the bread from rising up too much.

Using a small amount of flour, dust your Ooni pizza peel. Lay your flattened dough on top and slide off your peel and into your Ooni pizza oven. Bake each Tunnbrod flatbread for 30-45 seconds, turning at least twice during the bake. There’s no need to turn it over, and the final result should not have any colour. If it gets a golden brown, it will be too hard.

Once cooked, remove the Tunnbrod from the oven and set aside as you cook the rest. Serve with plenty of butter, or, if you want a real Swedish treat: with gravad lax, cream cheese and horseradish round into rounds.

Smaklig måltid – that’s Swedish for Bon appétit!

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