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What is Uuni? 

Uuni is the revolutionary wood-fired pizza oven. Now everyone can experience wood-fired pizza freshly baked in an oven you can take anywhere. Within 10 minutes of lighting Uuni you can start cooking, then only 3-4 minutes until your delicious pizza is done. This means you can enjoy both the cooking experience and exquisite results. It's small and portable, you can store it with little space or take it camping. It is also the most affordable wood-fired oven on the market.

The Story of Uuni

Finnish-born Kristian Tapaninaho had a hobby of making pizza for his family at his London home, but there was just one problem… No domestic oven could achieve the authentic wood-fired taste Kristian desired. When he discovered this type of oven was either too big or unaffordable, he decided to invent his own.

Kristian's professional background had always been in education and creative arts, but in 2012 he made it his mission find a way of achieving wood-fired perfection in a compact oven design. After almost a year of prototyping and design work, Uuni was born.

Uuni was then launched on Kickstarter and the response was huge; it reached its funding goal within two weeks finishing at more than 220%, whilst capturing the imagination on the global pizza community. On the back of the Kickstarter campaign, Uuni was featured in food and gadget blogs as well as Wallpaper* -magazine.

Uuni first shipped in the summer of 2013 and has to date been sold to almost 30 countries.


Here’s something exciting for the gazillion people who love wood fired pizza!” -

…compact enough to fit in a suitcase or take to a park” -

The economy of fuel use is revolutionary.” -

…A work of art! The whole oven is a manufacturing marvel and the book is cool too!” - Cam Keenleyside, Canada

“One of the best cooking gadgets I have ever purchased!” - Teddy Berger, USA


  • HxWxL: 12 x 36 x 48 cm (5 x 15 x 20")
  • Weight: 9.9 kg (boxed)
  • Aprox. Pizza Size: 32cm (12")
  • Max. Temperature: 450°C (800°F) 
  • Fuel: wood pellets (barbecue or premium quality heating pellets)


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Product photographs

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Uuni 2 - on black
Uuni 2 - transparent background .PSD
Uuni 2 Manual - food side
Uuni 2 - Close-up on white
Uuni with a pepperoni pizza
Uuni pizza peel

Kristian Tapaninaho portrait


Uuni -logo