Pellet Information

What are wood pellets?

Wood pellets are basically compressed sawdust. How that sawdust is produced is what make the difference. They can be made of recycled wood, these pellets are often only used as horse or animal bedding. Or they can be made of 'virgin wood', wood that is either a waste product from furniture making or that is cut just for the purpose of making it into to a pellet. 

In Europe, we have a pellet standard called ENPlus A1. It defines, amongst other things:

  • moisture content (< 10%)
  • ash content (< 0.7%)
  • raw materials: stem wood or chemically untreated wood

While this standard is not widely spread, yet, outside of EU often pellets sold as 'premium', adhere to these guidelines.

Which pellets should I use?

We recommend ur customers to use the above ENPlus A1 standard pellets (the one we sell in UK is that) or similar pellet. While these are often marketed as heating pellets, they are completely food safe and great with your Ooni wood-fired oven.

The alternative is to find a supplier that sells pellets made for pellet grill or barbecues. These are often made of hard wood and you can find them in different 'flavours' such as oak or apple or cherry tree. As Ooni burns the pellets completely without much smoke, the effect of the flavouring is not that high but certainly many Ooni users prefer them.